Well Hello to each and every Cowboy Parent and Fan.  This will be the first of many updates for the Hardin Simmons Parent Group Web Page.  I would like to say thank you to the following Mr. and Mrs. Crozier, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Ryon Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Footer, Mrs. Rasberry, Mrs. Mills and J.W. Paschal for making 2014 a great year.  I know that 2015 will be as strong with all the new officers that have joined me in promoting “COWBOY FEVER”.  We love our Cowboys and we love their families. 

Our hope that each one who reads this page will be able to attend at least one or all of the functions that will be made available for friends, family and alumni to attend.  If you ever need a question answered please text or e-mail me and I will answer your question or find out the answer and pass it on to you.  Mrs. Rasberry will be shooting you an e-mail each week filled with all types of information so please be watching for that as well.

Now please meet your new 2015 Officers of the Hardin Simmons Parents Group:

Jill Paschal – President/Treasurer – – 940-456-2521

(J.W. Paschal – Spouse)

Kaye Rasberry – Vice President

Annette Bergeron – Secretary

Laurie McAdams – Officer at Large/ Assistant Treasurer

Becky Miller - Officer at Large

I look forward to visiting in some capacity with each and every one of you.


Jill Paschal