The Pressbox View

The Pressbox View

Conference tournament time is upon us for the fall sports as well as the beginning of basketball season.

It was an exciting week last weekend as the Cowgirl cross country team won the first ASC title of the season for HSU. Sydney Tencate destroyed the conference record and was the ASC champion. The men also had a very good race and finished in second place. They will head to regionals next weekend in Memphis.

It was a successful weekend against McMurry as well. The soccer teams both beat the War Hawks on Friday and Saturday the football team set an HSU school record for points in a game with 91 in a 91-29 win over the crosstown rivals.

Volleyball opens the ASC Tournament tonight at UTD.

Men's soccer was eliminated from the ASC Tournament on Tuesday on penalty kicks after a 1-1 tie. Women's soccer beat Concordia and will host the ASC Semifinals and finals this weekend at the HSU Soccer Complex. They play McMurry at 1 p.m. on Friday.

The basketball teams open their season on Friday night at home against Texas Lutheran.  

Dealing with 16 sports at the same time is a big undertaking. You must be organized and meticulous in your approach or you will be overwhelmed. There are many moving parts and often at the same time.  

Most of what we do is in the backgrounds and many people never know who is doing it, but like I tell the people that happen to call me boss "Nobody knows what we do until we don't do it." We are like the offensive line on the football team when we do our job no one notices, but the second we jump offsides or hold everyone knows it and it is right out in public to view.

We make mistakes. We sometimes put a wrong score or a wrong picture on social media. Sometimes we don't catch a typo. Unlike most publicity people we are doing most of these things as they happen. We don't hate you when it happens sometimes it just happens. The 99 percent of the time we get it right no one notices. The one percent of the time we mess up you can trust we will hear about. Let us know preferably by e-mail or a phone call rather than public shaming. We will make a correction as soon as possible.   

That being said, I have to give a shout out to my staff.

I couldn't be prouder of the job they do, and they have made my life a lot less hectic. They all want to learn and they also keep me on my toes. This week our national association CoSIDA has declared it Thank Your SID week. I personally think that is silly self-promotion but I do want to give my staff public recognition.

They put in long odd hours especially my assistant Silas Lott. He has done a great job of taking care of the soccer teams and the cross country teams this fall and will have track and softball in the spring. His attention to detail is one of his biggest strengths and if you have ever spent much time around me that has always been my No. 1 priority.

My student workers have been great as well. Jamie Pogue is in his third season with us and even though he is busy with football he still helps out when he can in the fall and is reliable. When he says he is going to do something he gets the job done.

Tommy Beebe is in his second season with me and he is awesome. He has taken over a lot of our updated emphasis on social media and does a lot of our graphics. He is also very reliable and very eager to learn. He has a great future in the sports world, fortunately, I have him for two more years. I've never given an undergrad as much responsibility as I have given Tommy and he never flinches.

On a shameless plug note, Tommy is heading up a new event called HSU Jam that was his idea and he has done all of the leg work on this. It is going to be Jan. 30 for our home basketball games against Concordia and you will be seeing a lot about this over the next couple of months and you will want to be involved.  

Aric Richardson is our newbie this year and he has handled our photography and helps in other areas. He is very talented and another hard worker.

I would be remiss to not give out big kudos to Greg and Aaron Hollabaugh, Emily Garner and the entire production crew. They are not under our department but we work with them a lot and they do great work with video productions of our athletic events.

To all our game-day help, Taylor Gaffney who has served as an intern this fall, the always willing to fill in Hunter Casselberry, the always available photographer Scott Burkhalter and I am sure many more I am leaving out – THANK YOU for all you do.

Also, to all of our great coaches and student-athletes. They are the reason we do this. We want them to get the accolades and recognition they deserve and that is what we try to do every day. Anytime they get an award or recognition that is our thank you. A thank you for nominating and promoting them. We push and strive hard for them to be recognized for their excellence.  

Where are they now found former Cowboy men's soccer goalkeeper Charles Johnson as a Lieutenant at the Liberty Hill Fire Department

The Pressbox View is written by Chad Grubbs, Director of Athletic Communications, who is in his 20th year covering HSU Athletics. If you have questions, comments, queries or quibbles about this column you can reach him at