Hunter Field

Hunter Field is one of the top facilities in all of Division III. It features a pro-style playing surface and dimensions. It has lighting that meets Triple A standards and the oil-derrick light poles gives Hunter a West Texas feel. It has hosted high school, college and professional games in the past. It has a fully-functional press facility. Hunter also features bullpens and batting cages along each foul line.

The field plays 335 down the left field line, 375 to left center, 400 to straight away center field, 365 to right center and 330 down the right field line. The prevailing wind is out to right-right center.

The scoreboard with a video screen was put up in 2012. Prior to this 2017 season, the stands were replaced and new seating was put in to place. The outfield wall was also replaced to give Hunter Field a clean, new look.